How to make your essay longer

How to make an essay longer

Suppose that you have been asked to write a 1200-word paper. Upon completing the paper, you realize that the word count falls short of the requirement? What is the right course of action? How do you meet the word count requirement while ensuring that the paper is still of high quality? The purpose of this guide is to shed light on various steps that you can take to make your essay longer. When done reading the guide, you will be better prepared to pen excellent papers that are of sufficient length. 

Tips for making your essay longer

Addressed in the following sections are a number of highly effective steps that anyone can adopt as they seek to make their assignments longer. 

Incorporate Supporting Evidence

The primary purpose of supporting evidence is to inject credibility and authority into an essay. However, it is important to understand that supporting evidence can also play an essential role in adding to the length of an essay. Basically, as you seek to elevate and enrich your essay with detail, be sure to provide supporting evidence. The types of evidence that you can incorporate into your essay are varied and numerous. Some of these types are listed below:

  • Expert opinion: In addition to making your essay longer, expert opinion will also assure your readers that you have conducted extensive researchers. Always incorporate expert opinion when you are writing a paper in which you are expected to present and defend an argument. 
  • Statistics: Statistics can also help to expand and lengthen your essay. For example, you should consider including facts and figures. Statistics are particularly vital when the purpose of the essay that you write is to inform and educate. 
  • Research findings: Research outcomes and results can also play a crucial role in making your essay longer. More importantly, these outcomes transform your essay from a simple piece of writing to a powerful tool for conveying important messages. 
  • Examples: In addition to the issues listed above, you should also provide examples in your bid to make your essay longer. Examples help to illustrate the points that you present in the essay. Moreover, thanks to examples, you are able to demonstrate your mastery of the subject that the essay explores. 

Review to Ensure Paper is Exhaustive

It is common for students to fail to include vital elements of the assignment in their essay. To avoid this mistake, be sure to thoroughly review your essay before submission. For example, ensure that you have included all the requirements spelt out in the rubric. Taking this step will help you to establish whether your essay is exhaustive and comprehensive. Reviewing the rubric could highlight some points that you have not covered in the essay. It is also wise to invite another person to review the paper with the goal of determining why the essay falls short. 

Integrate Transitional Words and Phrases

Usually, transitional words and phrases are employed to inject flow and structure into your essay. However, they can also be used to make the essay longer. As you incorporate the transitional words and phrases, cultivate the habit of critically reading your essays. There are many phrases and words that you can use to ensure that the different sentences, paragraphs, and chapters in your essay flow smoothly and naturally from one to the next. Below are some of the transitional words and phrases that you may incorporate into your essay:

  1. As a matter of fact
  2. With reference to
  3. In regards to
  4. In order to
  5. For the reason of
  6. By means of

It is important to recognize that the list provided above is not exhaustive. There are dozens of other transition words and phrases that can make your essay longer, richer, and more interesting. 

Consider including Quotations

Quotations are a common feature of research essays. Their primary purpose is to introduce additional dimensions and voices into the essay. However, the quotations can also lengthen your paper. For example, when you encounter points and arguments that you are unable to paraphrase accurately and faithfully, you should use direct quotations instead.

Still, before including quotations, ensure that the instructions for the particular essay you are writing allow for quotations to form part of the paper. 

Even as you add quotations to your paper, understand that there are some writing mechanics and standards that guide how quotations are used. For example, it is important to ensure that all quotations are formatted properly. Additionally, be sure to provide citations and references that allow your readers to find the source of the quotation. Listed below are instances when using quotations is appropriate:

  1. When you are unable to paraphrase 
  2. When the message is so important that paraphrasing could distract from or distort the message
  3. When the message in the quotation is a necessary and integral component of your essay 

Polish and Expand Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction and conclusion sections are among the places where the greatest opportunity for making your paper long lies. After you have completed your essay, you should proofread and review it. During the review, you will probably learn that you have omitted vital information from the introduction and conclusion.

For example, your introduction may lack some important information that you have presented in the body of your paper. The review helps you to add the missing details to both the introduction and the conclusion. 

Avoid Contractions and Spell out Figures

One of the cardinal rules of writing essays is that you should stay clear of contractions. In the event that your essay still contains contractions, you have an opportunity to make it longer. At every instance where there is a contraction, you should replace it with the fully spelled out form. For example, instead of writing You’re, you should write you are. While these changes seem minor, they can go a long way in making the essay longer.

Apart from contractions, you can also increase the length of your essay by spelling out numbers. However, you must exercise caution when adopting this measure. Be sure to consult the writing standards that apply to your particular essay. For example, some standards require that all numbers larger than 10 should be written in numeral form. If there are no restrictions on the type of standard or writing style to use, ensure that whenever possible, all numbers are spelt out fully. 

Split Paragraphs when Appropriate 

Overly long paragraphs are among the mistakes that erode the quality of most essays. In your quest for a longer essay, you should ensure that your paragraphs are appropriately sized. A paragraph with more than 15 sentences is simply too long. Consider splitting your paragraphs to make the essay longer and easier to read.

You could separate paragraphs that address different ideas. You should be cautious to avoid splitting paragraphs in ways that damage the flow and structure of your essay.

A long academic paper contains more detail and is likely to appeal to your audience better. Therefore, before you hand in your essay, ensure that its length is appropriate. Discussed above are a number of approaches that students can adopt to increase the length of their papers. While all these approaches are useful, students should understand that good judgment is the best way to write an essay. 

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